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Voters still have concerns about city government

Dear Editor:
I’m writing to voice my concerns about the election next Tuesday. I know that many people want to see major changes in our city government – including the return of honesty, transparency, and integrity – from the phone calls, emails, and messages I’ve received, thanking me for previous letters on these subjects. I believe the VERY large crowds, at several council meetings, prove that the citizens of GB are now ready to take a more active role in their community – and are also thankful for the chance to watch live streams and videos of council meetings.
If you’d like information from my earlier letters, go to the GB Tribune’s website, click on e-tribune, and go to dates 8-6-17, 8-27-17, and 9-17-17. If you’d like to see any of the council meeting videos – to watch who was representing your views – go to the Stand with Great Bend facebook page, OR – type the following into your address bar, to watch them.
On two different days this week, the newspaper included two ads EACH, for four candidates – out of the 13 city candidates running for election. I find it quite interesting, that – EACH of these candidates are serving as their own treasurer; each are placing approximately the same sized ads; each are running two ads at a time; and each are placing those ads in exactly the same editions of the Tribune. Does that seem strange to anyone else? Evidently the answer is YES!
Are they getting together to plan these ads? Why are ONLY these four candidates included? Did someone make contributions to pay for these specific ads? Why don’t the mayoral candidates’ ads contain her picture, like the others do? Did they think people might recognize her from the many videos and pictures used in news stories about those very controversial meetings?
I’m sorry if I’m wrong, but this makes me think they are being chosen and promoted, by some of the very same people, who want to continue to control our city.
Also, I’m quite surprised that the special audit voted on by the council, has already ended? “It is recommended that no further action be taken.” Really?? Did you know that our city only keeps tax records for FIVE years? What are your reactions to THAT? My reaction is – SOMETHING STINKS AGAIN!!
I love Great Bend – and I refuse to remain quiet. I want to see GB grow and our businesses prosper, creating even BETTER opportunities for our future! I also want a council and mayor who will dig deeper into what’s been happening at city hall for years!!
My opinion is: Perhaps our best candidate choices are those who aren’t part of the “chosen” four ....

Leslie (Halbower) Barrett
Great Bend