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What has happened to the zoo
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Dear Editor,
I have a question and maybe you guys can run a story about it.

What has happened to our zoo?

We have no animals to really speak of, I am ashamed to have one in our town. I would rather drive to Salina or Wichita. Seems the zoo has been run down not taken care of at all. What has happened to all the promises that we would get more animals? When we have visitors from out of state that have little kids we don’t have anything here to show them except weeds and run down cages. How sad that Great Bend wants to spend money on the down town but not money keeping our zoo up and going!!! Maybe they should just tear it down and bulldoze it in send what animals we have to other zoos then I would know they are being taken care of. Why don’t you guys as a newpaper get an opinion on this!!!!!
Christi Wright