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World is changing
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Dear Editor,
The world is changing and so should we. Nations with little to export other than oil and destructive ideologies are wallowing in oil profits and spending it to trouble us. Fossil fuels pay for their dream and our nightmare. Russia, Iran and others wishing us ill depend on market demand to fund their dream, and the market is something we can change.
It is within our control to shrink the billions flowing to Russia and Iran and make our lives a lot safer. We can each take personal responsibility by choosing energy efficient vehicles and products at every opportunity. And government has the obligation to act on national security. Congress must pass common sense legislation speeding the transition to a clean energy economy that does not use the kind of fuels our adversaries can profit from. Fortunately, there is such legislation, Carbon Fee and Dividend, which is free of burdensome regulations and uses the market to cut demand for fossil fuels. By placing a fee on carbon and a duty on foreign oil we cut our foes income and make our lives safer, cleaner and better.
Darrel Hart