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Write in campaign forces added time and expense
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Dear Editor,
This past week our current sheriff announced on Facebook and in the Tribune that he will be conducting a write-in campaign against Republican nominee for sheriff, Lieutenant Brian Bellendir who was victorious in August’s primary election.
The people of Barton County have already spoken, and they overwhelming voted for change and proactive leadership. While Kansas has no Sore Loser’s law, as voters we should question why a loser in a primary election would attempt to run in the general election.
The decision to launch a write-in campaign now forces added time and expense on our county to count and record the votes at the end of the night. All of that effort from election workers will most likely be futile.
Why pull out all the stops and campaign now? He has lost once. We don’t need a sheriff that wastes time and energy on futile efforts to hold onto an office. We don’t need a sheriff that leads from behind. And still, the only signs you see on the streets are asking for your vote for Brian Bellendir. He embodies a proactive, caring, hardworking leader. He is your best and only choice for sheriff of Barton County on Tuesday, November 6th
Boots Maltby
Great Bend