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Yes we can spend more money
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Dear Editor,
The news on TV seems rather depressing.
In all my wildest dreams, I never dreamt that Kansas was a desperately poor state. Yet, I hear we cannot afford to educate our children. Hundreds of teachers are losing their jobs, although I’ve always heard our children are our future. Where will our next generation of scientists, engineers, doctors, teachers come from?
I believe there has to be some way to get enough funds for something that important.
Also, when we look around and see all the wonderful things that were given to us to use and enjoy, I find it sad that we can’t do the same for our children and parents.
We need to be sure that the sick and the poor can live in reasonable comfort. That seems like a good thank you.
Now I even hear some want to take away our social security, after all the money we have put in the S.S. trust fund, with a promise we’ll get it back when we retire.
I don’t think Kansans caused the recession. What is done is done. But we have to do what is necessary to make up for other peoples mistakes. Out future and our childrens future depend on it.
We have to say “Yes we can.”
Teresa Rome,