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Young cougars a welcome addition to Brit Spaugh Zoo
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Dear Editor,
I was very pleased to read the article in the Great Bend Tribune: “Baby cougars coming to Brit Spaugh Zoo” (April 2 issue). I am thankful that the U.S. Department of Wildlife rescued the two young cougar cubs from California and Oregon, from being sold on the black-market. Since the one young cub arriving from Oregon is nearly 90 percent blind, it had no real chance of surviving “in the wild” and if sold on the black-market, chances are likely that it would have been neglected or killed for its pelt. Thankfully, the Zoo at Great Bend will properly care for the cubs and visitors will be delighted to see a species of the Animal Kingdom that is Barton County College’s mascot. If I had a vote on what to name the cougar cubs, I think I’d name them: “Fortunate” and “Lucky.”
James A. Marples,