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Younger generation needs privileges
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Dear Editor,
The Younger Generation is no longer granted the privileges they deserve in Great Bend. Most people forget and ultimatley underestimate, their importance and significance to the town.
It’s unfortunate that jobs are limited for younger people and the lack of opportunties have dwindled down to absolutely minimum. Realizing their potential is extremely crucial...because they are the ones responsible for making the decisions that affect us in the near future.
Targeting them as theives, liars and irresponsible participants of society is unjust. If they were given the chance to prove their credibility, many adults would be astonished by their innovative ideas and maturity.
Lack of hang-out spots due to adults being afraid of underage drinking or illegal drugs, in return actually creates an atmosphere for negative behavior. These young adults feel unwelcome because they can not go anywhere without the fear of restrictions and judgement. A little freedom would be fair, don’t you think? I am not saying absolutely “no rules” but a little stretch of responsibility won’t kill them, will it?
With no place to go, and no where to spend time with friends, their resources are limited. Most people do not fathom this concept.
Instead, they go out and hide from the dangers and end up paying the price. Cops hound this age group simply because they look like they are up to “no good.”
They are told repeately to “grow up” and “be mature”...or “act like an adult”, yet how can this be accomplished when they are treated liked toddlers thrown into a world of the unknown.
More opportunities need to be created for this generation. If not, the future will suffer.
This includes politics. The younger generation is frequently ignored and limited on their views. If certain politicans would directly cater to the minds of this crowd, the turn-out and votes would be incredible. They need the chance to express their opinions as well. Their ideas, if listened to, would be amazing.
And onto financial matters, why is it so hard for the younger generation to build credit? It is almost impossible. Sure, credit card companies want to hand out credit cards, but the fine print is what is killing the card-holder! They are forced to pay unmentionable rates and this creates a line of penalties. Thus, once again, their ability to hold a claim on financial matters is washed away.
My point is, the younger generation is being ignored. Give them the time of day and allow them to have a little freedom (within reason). Appreciate their opinions and questions. They are one day, the future leaders of our country!
Sabrina Campbell