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Local taxpayer calls for budget cuts
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To the editor:

I am a very concerned tax paying property owner living in Great Bend.

Our Great Bend Tribune has printed up eight pages of delinquent tax payers!

I notice that many businesses in the city have closed then the schools, city, Rosewood and other non-tax-paying agencies take over the buildings.

I see the City Recreation Department is spending big bucks on playground equipment. They have a lot of activities for all ages. They have a huge building and are asking for more. The college is putting up a new building. The city schools are taking over several other buildings. The one out on east 10th Street looks like they’ve spent a bunch of money just on concrete.

The city says the mill levy will not be increased but the value of my home has increased $34,500 in one year! We have made no improvements since we moved into in 2005 other than a fence several years ago. It’s a no-win situation. We will have to pay more taxes. 

It think it’s time for our Federal, State, County and local governments to cut back their budgets.

Alice Sneath