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Long-time letter writer makes final submission
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To the editor,

I regret to inform everyone that this is the last letter that I will write, but rest assured that I will still be watching. On the day they honored me, the church was packed with others like me. I do believe that I will be at the City Council meetings and the County Commission meetings in spirit. Please continue to hold the city and county employees and officials to the highest standards of integrity, and they represent all of the citizens of this town and county. Think of me when you are in question of ethics and searching for what is fair and just. To the people of Great Bend and Barton County, I encourage you to speak up, give a voice to your experience. I have enjoyed serving the people of my home town and county.  I leave you to your own conscience.

On a personal note, I want to thank all the businesses that participate in the $10,000 shopping spree. Winning that drawing was one the happiest times for me. Please continue to keep my friends and especially my family in your thoughts and prayers as they all deal with this difficult time. Enjoy your friends and family because you never know what tomorrow will bring.

Becky Wornkey