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Look for alternatives for handling trash
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 To the editor:

Recently, the Great Bend Tribune reported on the Barton County Commission’s concern about the future of the trash dump (“Landfill growing pains discussed,” Sept. 10 issue). At the moment, is it large enough to buy the time to research alternatives?

Salina and McPherson have a working relationship. Salina Waste has a good looking Butler Building near the downtown area staffed by two people. You drive inside between two regular dump trucks. The staff greet you and ask what you want returned such as boxes or cloth bags. The next step is to dump your collection into the back of the truck. 

The trucks are transported to McPherson’s collection facility where the refuse is sorted and sold. 

This step doesn’t make sense to me when much of the Salina trash already is sorted on arrival at the Salina collection point. This is something that I do not have all the necessary information. So be it!

Another idea to pursue is to conduct a public information campaign to “Crush It.” Trash is 90% air! Asking citizens to flatten cans, plastic bottles and cardboard cereal boxes, etc. will help a lot. 

Kudos to the County Commission and those responsible for the future of our trash containment. 

Pastor William Salmon

Great Bend