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Money for Washington School was spent years ago
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To the editor:

Well they are relentless. They are like a dog with a bone. They won’t turn loose. They still don’t tell me why they think that lighting, lockers and gym and band rooms are more important than the security of the facility. Maybe it is because the security is not as bad as they try to convince you it is.

And the Washington School project they keep harping on is getting a bit boring. That problem was settled 35 years ago and paid for then the money was squandered otherwise. Washington School is like cash cow to them. Every time they want money to waste, they fall back on Washington School for an excuse. If they want to tear it down, then use the money already collected for that reason. But wait a minute. They already wasted that on what they wanted instead of needed.

These people should run for congress. They have the needed skills of deceit to fit right in. What we need is not more taxes but, instead, new administrators that work for the taxpayers that pay their salaries instead of for their own wasteful ambitions.

When I see the big fancy buses running around it makes my blood pressure go up about 40 points. Schools are playing keep up with the Joneses. They are in a relentless battle to outdo the other. Not what they need but their relentless pursuit of looking better than the other.

Bigger is not always better and extravagant spending does not show good management skills. They think they can buy their way to success. We are a nation of enormous debt because of the extravagant wants of bad management. The purchase of two Suburbans is a classic example. There are several vehicles that would have been a much more reasonable choice. Enough is enough.

Bernard Levings

Great Bend