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Boom right back at ya
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‘Boom’ right back  at ya
According to a bailiff, convicted car thief Thomas Done, 33, spent almost a half-hour at his sentencing “shucking and jiving” Ogden, Utah, Judge Michael Lyon before finally finagling probation — instead of 15 years in prison — by expressing parental love for his young daughter and blaming his recidivist criminality on his girlfriend’s infidelity.
However, literally seconds after Judge Lyon announced probation, Done, noticing his girlfriend in the courtroom, made a gun-triggering motion with his thumb and fingers and said, “Boom, *****.”
A bailiff reported the gesture to the judge, who declared Done in violation of his brand-new probation and ordered him re-sentenced.
He’s sort of
slow on
the up-take 
Initially, all Jay Rodgers wanted was for the fellow Atlanta gas station customer to say “thank you” when Rodgers held the door for him, but the man remained silent, and Rodgers pressed the issue, confronting him and even following the man out to his car — where the man pulled a gun and shot Rodgers in the abdomen, sending him to the hospital for nine days.
Interviewed on WSB-TV, Rodgers resumed nagging the man, urging him to “do the right thing” by turning himself in.
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