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Burgers even flunk the maggot test
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New York City artist Sally Davies recently offered the latest evidence of how unattractive today’s fast foods are to bacteria and maggots.
Davies bought a McDonald’s Happy Meal in April, has photographed it daily, and has noted periodically the lack even of the slightest sign of decomposition.
Her dog, who circled restlessly nearby for the first two days the vittles were out, since then has ignored it.
Several bloggers, and filmmaker Morgan Spurlock, have made discoveries similar to Davies’.
Food scientists “credited” a heavy use (though likely still within FDA guidelines) of the preservative sodium propionate but also the predominance of fat and lack of moisture and nutrients — all of which contribute to merely shrinking and hardening the burger and fries.
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Raymond Roberts, 25, was arrested in Manatee County, Fla., after an ordinary traffic stop turned up a strong smell of marijuana. At deputies’ behest, Roberts removed a baggie of marijuana from his buttocks, but when the deputies saw another plastic bag right behind it — containing a white substance believed to be cocaine — Roberts said, “The weed is mine, the white stuff is not ....”
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