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Cant be too cautious
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Soon, it might be absolutely impossible to get hurt in Britain — because of stringent health and safety rules.
St. Mary’s Church in Cottingham announced it would go without an overhead light because government rules require that it rig scaffolding to change the light bulb in its 30-foot-high ceiling.
Using a ladder would be unsafe.
And following riots in London, hundreds of volunteers took to the streets to speed the cleanup process.
But at several junctures, police turned them away, fearful that the civic-minded workers lacked the sense to avoid cutting themselves on the broken glass and debris.
It’s about
the honor
not about
the money
In January, 1994 at the Lake Como Fish and Game Club near Syracuse, N.Y., Brian Carr beat out three dozen competitors in the annual ice-fishing derby with 155 catches.
The temperature that day was minus-30(F), and prize money for the top three anglers was, respectively, $8, $6.50 and $5.
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