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Classic parenting skills displayed
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After her fourth-grade son was allegedly slapped by his teacher at a Kansas City, Mo., elementary school — son, black; teacher, white — Lisa Henry Bowen submitted a 40-page list of reparations she expects from President Obama and two dozen other officials.
Included in the many demands: $1.25 million in cash, $13,500 in Wal-Mart gift cards, free college education, Disney World vacations, private tennis lessons, an African safari, her mortgage paid off, home remodeling, nine years of free medical and dental coverage, and a nine-year “consulting contract” with the school district at $15,000 a month.
Anticipating criticism that she had gone too far, she added that opponents can “kiss my entire black ***! I haven’t begun to go far enough!”
No fair,
I called
Two men robbing a Waffle Shop in Akron, Ohio, ushered customers and employees into the back and had them give up their cell phones, which were collected in a bag, with the plan to lock the phones in a supply room, retrievable only long after the robbers had fled.
However, one robber walked out the restaurant’s front door, which automatically locked behind him, and when the other robber walked into the supply room to drop off the bag, an alert hostage locked him inside — and resisted when the robber began “demanding” to be let out.