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Claude will have lots of time for regrets
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Armed-robbery convict Edward Nathan Jr. escaped from a Florida work-release center in 1983 and, as “Claude Brooks” and other identities, managed to avoid police for the next 27 years, until he slipped up in Atlanta.
He was arrested after being caught urinating in public.
He was returned to Florida and charged with escape.
Either way
taxpayers are
the losers
Accused thief Anthony Darwin, 30, who had successfully eluded authorities in Wisconsin since 2004, turned himself in to Sheriff Bob Spoden in Janesville, apparently only because he needs treatment for cancer.
However, not wanting to pay for the expensive surgery, Spoden asked a judge to dismiss the arrest warrant and put Darwin back on the street. udge Alan Bates released Darwin for treatment, which will surely be paid for by the taxpayer, although perhaps not on the sheriff’s account.
And we want
to be like them?
The country afraid of its own shadow: Britain’s Oxfordshire County Council, which oversees youth swimming classes, banned goggles from the pools because of the fear that kids might snap the elastic bands and hurt their eyes.
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