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Couldnt happen to a nicer guy
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For two philanthropic gifts totaling $105,000, Jim Massen, 80, a retired television repairman and farmer in Windsor, Ontario, has perhaps salvaged his good name, overcoming a 1990 guilty plea (and one-year jail sentence) for molesting three teenage boys.
The gifts, mean that a scoreboard clock, an administrative office, the street leading to the complex, and a walking trail will all be named for him.
He should
have known
Last year, the highly qualified agriculture expert Ricardo Salvador was passed over by Iowa State University to run its Center for Sustainable Agriculture, even after the person who finished ahead of him declined the job.
According to a Chronicle of Higher Education report, Salvador had committed an unpardonable faux pas during the hiring process — by stating the obvious fact that cows everywhere, historically, eat “grass.”
Since Iowa’s dominant crop is corn, “grass” was the wrong answer.
When a Chronicle reporter asked the dean of Iowa State’s agriculture school whether cows evolved eating grass, the dean said she did not have an “opinion” about that.
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