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Dad is welcomed to 'the hole'
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Donald Denney and his father — also named Donald Denney — concocted a plan on the telephone for dad to smuggle the son a ball of black-tar heroin into his Colorado prison (for eventual resale) during visiting hours, to be passed through the mouth by a deep kiss from a female visitor.
However, dad could not find a woman with a clean-enough record to be admitted as a visitor.
Still enamored of the plan, however, the father decided to be the drug mule, himself, and inserted the packaged heroin into his rectum for later transferral to his mouth — even though the eventual deep kiss would be awkward.
The Denneys were apparently unaware, despite audio warnings, that all the son’s phone calls were being monitored, and prison officials were waiting for the father, with a body-cavity search warrant, as he entered the prison.
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During a shootout in New York City, Angel Alvarez, 23, was brought down in a hail of gunfire and taken to Harlem Hospital, where doctors saved his life, though they found 21 bullet wounds.
Alvarez’s lawyer said there were 23.
Alvarez’s sister called her brother’s miraculous survival “ridiculous.”
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