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Dang,that is really low
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In a federal lawsuit for malicious prosecution, a judge found a “strong” likelihood that EPA agent Keith Phillips “deliberately” set up a hazardous-waste enforcement case against Hubert Vidrine for the purpose of facilitating his own work/sex relationship with a female EPA agent.
According to the court, Phillips was married and unable to carry on with the agent (stationed in another city) except when they worked together, which they did periodically over a three-year period on the Vidrine case.
In October, Vidrine was awarded $1.6 million in damages.
He doesn’t
sound all
that smart 
Paul Moran, possessing — according to his lawyer — “considerable intellectual ability,” nonetheless attempted a procedure to turn his own feces into gold (and was sentenced to three months in jail in Enniskillen, Northern Ireland, after accidentally setting his apartment on fire in the process).
Gee, it’s almost
like they are trying
to over do it 
Daniel Vilca, 26, was ordered to prison for the rest of his life (without possibility of parole) following his conviction in Naples, Fla., for having pornographic photos of children on his computer.
He had no previous criminal record, nor was there evidence of any contact with children.
The judge computed the sentence by multiplying a five-year term by the 454 photos police found.
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