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Dont bet your life on it
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In an art-science collaboration, Dutch artist Jalila Essaidi and Utah State researcher Randy Lewis produced a prototype bulletproof skin — or at least skin that would limit a .22-caliber bullet to only about 2 inches’ penetration into a simulated human body. Genetically engineered spider silk — reputed to be five times stronger than steel — was grafted between layers of dermis and epidermis.
Mused Essaidi, we “in the near future may no longer need to descend from a godly bloodline in order to have traits like invulnerability.”
G’day to you
Mum, old girl!   
A young man taking a test at the drivers’ center in Brisbane, Australia, lost control of his vehicle and crashed into a bench outside the building, hitting his mother, who was waiting for him.
Bet she didn’t
get her license
A 56-year-old DMV driving tester was killed when the woman she was evaluating ran off the road in Williamsburg, Va., and struck a tree.
Step number one:
put gas in the
get-away vehicle
One would think the robber of a gas station would consider filling the tank before fleeing.
However, Moses Gift, 47, was arrested in Winston-Salem, N.C., and charged with robbing the Huff Shell station — shortly before running out of gas a short distance away.
And in Winder, Ga., Micah Mitchell was arrested shortly after, according to police, he crashed through the front door of a BP station to steal merchandise.
He was arrested minutes later a few miles from the station, where he had run out of gas. 
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