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Eric needs lots of help
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In June, Eric Carrier, 23, of Hooksett, N.H., became the most recent person arrested for running a scam on a home-health care worker by pretending to be disabled and in need of someone to change his adult diapers. Carrier first told the woman that he was the father of a man disabled by a brain injury.
But when she reported for work, it was Carrier himself wearing the diaper and who demanded changing and who allegedly indecently exposed himself.
He probably
figured they
were too
Two undercover policewomen running a prostitution sting in Dothan, Ala., in October, 1999, declined to arrest a pickup-truck-driving john — around age 70 — despite his three attempts to procure their services.
He first offered the women the three squirrels he had just shot, but they ignored him — too much trouble to log in and store the evidence.
A few minutes later, he sweetened the offer with the used refrigerator in the back of his truck, but the officers again declined — same reason.
On the third trip, he finally offered cash: $6 — but no squirrels or refrigerator.
The officers again declined.
They later said they had resolved to arrest him if he returned.
But he did not.
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