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Even terrorists have their rights
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An Associated Press story, citing federal government sources, reported that 247 people who are on the terrorist “watch list” were, nonetheless, legally permitted to purchase guns in 2010 — about the same number who did so legally in 2009.
It pays to
say you’re sorry
Oklahoma judge Susie Pritchett, receiving guilty pleas from a $31 drug-deal raid in 2010 that netted a mother and her two grown children, sentenced the mother and son to probation, but the 31-year-old daughter to 12 years in prison — just because the daughter showed “no remorse.”
So, he gets
to go where
he ain’t sceered
Joseph Hayes, 48, was arrested in South Memphis, Tenn., after allegedly threatening (with a gun in his waistband) the hostess of a birthday party to which his kids had been invited but which ran out of cake and ice cream.
“Y’all didn’t save my kids no **** ice cream and cake,” he was heard to say, and “I ain’t scared to go to jail.”
That’s worth a
stabbing any time
Zachary Woody, 21, of Calhoun, Ga., was charged with aggravated assault after stabbing a friend.
Allegedly, Woody had escalated what was initially just a fist fight over whether Fords are better than Chevrolets.
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