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Famous last words
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At a conference in Vancouver, University of California, San Francisco researcher Charles Chiu disclosed that a never-before-detected virus that partially wiped out a monkey colony in a lab in Davis, Calif., recently appeared to have “jumped” from its species onto a human scientist at the facility.
However, Chiu and his research team said there is “no cause for alarm at this time.”
The change
probably comes
at about age 4 
Centuries ago, women who devoted themselves to the Hindu goddess Devadasi were priestesses from upper castes, but over time, the temples began to use “Devadasis” merely as prostitutes to raise money, according to a new British documentary by Sarah Harris, who was interviewed by London’s The Independent.
As before, girls are offered to the temples by their parents by age 3 and perform chores, but nowadays, at puberty, the temple begins to cash in on them.
India made this practice illegal in 1988, but it endures, largely because the “Devadasis” (now, almost exclusively from lower castes) have, as career alternatives, only farm labor and latrine-cleaning.
He had
to teach
them how
to wash 
Incoming University of Tennessee football coach Derek Dooley told reporters of encountering one unexpected problem: staph infections caused by “the worst shower discipline of any team I’ve ever been around.”
He said he had recently run a clinic on “application of soap to the rag” and “making sure you hit all your body.”
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