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For heavens sake SPEED!
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From a memo to paramedics in Edmonton, Alberta, by Alberta Health Services:
Drivers should “respond WITHIN the posted speed limits EVEN when responding with lights and siren.”
“Our job is to save lives,” AHS wrote, “not put them in jeopardy.”
According to drivers interviewed by Canadian Broadcasting Corporation News, police have been issuing tickets to drivers on emergencies if they speed or go through red lights.
Oh, man,
bad idea
Thalia Surf Shop of Laguna Beach, Calif. (named by “OC Weekly” in 2009 as Orange County’s best), ran a special Martin Luther King Jr. promotion featuring “20 Percent Off All Black Products,” illustrated with a doctored photograph of Dr. King, himself, in one of the shop’s finest wet suits (black, of course).
Following some quick, bad publicity, the shop’s management apologized.
bad manners
at Waffle
Johni Rice, 35, eating at a Waffle House restaurant in Spartanburg, S.C., was charged with beating up two diners at another table over the quality of their conversation.
A man and a woman who were discussing “women with hairy armpits.”
Rice was assisted in the pummeling by two other diners, and weaponized food was involved.
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