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Gee, who would notice?
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Joseph Brice, 21, of Clarkston, Wash., was indicted on one count of having manufactured a bomb in 2010.
Brice inadvertently called attention to himself by ordering his bomb components under the name of Oklahoma City bomber “Timothy McVeigh.”
Holy sightings
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around country  
The Catholic Diocese of Green Bay, Wis., announced it had received approval to designate a site in Champion, Wis., as the 11th official, Vatican-authorized location of a Virgin Mary apparition (witnessed by a nun in 1859).
Meanwhile, these recent bootleg public appearances were reported: Yucca Valley, Calif. — Jesus on the petal of a poppy plant.
Brisbane, Australia,  — Jesus on a pie from the Posh Pizza restaurant.
Los Angeles — Jesus on a rocking chair.
Pequabuck, Conn., — Mary in an ice formation on a neighbor’s roof.
Comal County, Texas, just north of San Antonio — Mary, “floating” on the wall of an apartment building.
Elwood, Ind. — Jesus on a woman’s chest X-ray.
On Halloween day, 1989, Tallahassee, Fla., K-Mart employee Jeff Sablom was taking a break in the back of the store to try on the Batman costume he had planned to wear to a party that night when a security guard asked for his help to apprehend a shoplifter.
Said the guard later, “You should have seen that man’s eyes when he looked back and saw Batman chasing him.”
Sablom recovered four cartons of cigarettes and two videocassettes.
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