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Get a job, yuh hippie!
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Gareth Shand, 6, was welcomed into the first grade in San Antonio with an immediate in-school suspension.
He is growing his hair long for a cancer-support organization, but that puts him in violation of his school’s dress code.
It’s the future
of U.S. health care
Until recently, impoverished Indonesians sought to cure various illnesses (such as diabetes and high blood pressure) by lying on railroad tracks as trains approached, thus allowing electrical charges from the tracks to course therapeutically through their bodies.
A combination of anecdotal successes and dissatisfaction with the state-operated health care system led to the instances in which hundreds at a time lay on the tracks, according to an Associated Press dispatch.
Hey, they
asked for it
Fed up with the theft of Bibles from the Basilica of San Salvatore al Monte in Florence, Italy, the Franciscan priests in charge posted signs and spoke prayers urging the pilferer to repent.
In the event that he does not, reported London’s Daily Telegraph, the prayer asked that the thief be afflicted with “a strong bout of the runs.”
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