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He argued all the way to the block
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Singapore’s Information Ministry denounced the country’s water polo team for wearing swim trunks in a likeness of the nation’s flag.
Stars and a crescent.
Especially since, on the men’s trunks, the inch-thick, 5-inch-long crescent is placed vertically on the front in what appears to be an “are you glad to see me?” design.
The team’s manager denied even the “slightest intention” of insulting the country.
Not much
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An unnamed plumber in Stockholm, Sweden, was arrested for attempting to procure sex from an underage girl after he had confronted the girl’s father on the telephone.
According to the plumber, the girl’s sex services were advertised on the Internet, and the plumber paid online and scheduled a session, but the girl failed to show up.
The plumber somehow found the girl’s home telephone number and demanded a refund from her father, who reported him to police.
You’d think
they’d watch
fur closer   
Nakita Norman, 44, aided by two distracting associates, was captured on surveillance video stuffing two fur coats down the front of her pants, and departing the Sword Furs store in Westlake, Ohio.
Norman was arrested based on informants’ tips.
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