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Hit man wasnt a hit
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Sheriff’s deputies arrested novelist Nancy Mancuso Gelber, 53, in Bryan, Texas, after she had allegedly arranged a hit on her husband.
The “hit man,” of course, was an undercover officer.
Gelber said she had walked in on the husband romancing with one of her friends, and the couple were in the process of divorcing (complicated by his having removed her from his health insurance just as she was scheduled for expensive surgery).
Gelber is the author of the 2010 crime thriller, “Temporary Amnesia,” and told the “hit man” that she was quite familiar with investigative procedures (though obviously poor at spotting undercover officers).
can be
Retired sheriff Patrick J. Sullivan Jr. was arrested in a suburb of Denver and charged with distributing methamphetamine to men in exchange for sex.
Sullivan, who had a distinguished career as Arapahoe County sheriff, was booked into the Patrick J. Sullivan Jr. Detention Center, named for him after he retired in 2002.
of ‘irony’
Eldon Alexander, 36, and Ms. Korin Vanhouten, 47, had two different encounters with Ogden, Utah, police.
First, they were issued misdemeanor citations after being accused of shoplifting at a WinCo Foods store.
They were released and walked out to their car in the parking lot, but summoned the police when they discovered that while they were busy shoplifting, someone had broken into their car and stolen a stereo.
The shoplifted items were worth about $25, the stereo about $60.
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