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Veteran criminal Nathan Pugh, 49, walked in to a Wells Fargo bank in Dallas and presented his holdup note to a teller — claiming to have a “bom.”
The teller told Pugh that she could not release large amounts of money without proper ID and convinced Pugh to turn over both a Texas state ID card and his Wells Fargo debit card, both in his own name.
Police arrived just as Pugh was leaving and after an attempt to grab a hostage, he was arrested.
He even failed with the hostage — a woman carrying a child — who still managed to take Pugh to the floor.
Are we sure
we want to
be like them?
More British local council wisdom:
• Nottinghamshire County Council recently refused, for the third time, to issue a disabled-parking permit to British Army Cpl. Johno Lee, whose right leg was amputated below the knee following an explosion in Iraq.
Lee said a staff member told him he was “young” and that his situation “might get better.”
• The Romford council’s housing administrator ruled that, notwithstanding sweltering temperatures and kids’ summer vacations, vinyl wading pools were prohibited — as safety hazards, in that firefighters could possibly trip over them if responding to emergencies.
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