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Imagine, a train was on the tracks
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Patricia Frankhouser filed a lawsuit in Jeannette, Pa., in November, 2004 against the Norfolk Southern railway as a result of being hit by a train 10 months earlier as she walked on the tracks.
Most such injuries nowadays involve pedestrians distracted by earphoned music players, but Frankhouser claimed merely that Norfolk Southern was negligent for not posting signs warning that the railroad tracks are sometimes used by trains.
A transit driver was hospitalized in December after his idling bus slipped out of gear and ran over him as he walked around it in front of Waikato Hospital in New Zealand.
Talk about
to injury
A 37-year-old woman in Melbourne, Australia, was hospitalized after forgetting to engage her parking brake.
The car rolled backward down her driveway, knocking her over, then hitting a fence, thrusting forward and running her down a second time.
the cart
meant to
do it
A 67-year-old golfer died on the Evanston, Ill. Golf Club course, apparently run over by his own electric cart.
He was discovered underneath, and the medical examiner ruled the death accidental.
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