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It was delicious with mustard!
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Researchers learned from reports in early 2010 of a new monkey species in Myanmar, with a nose so recessed that it habitually collects rainfall and constantly sneezes.
However, according to a National Geographic dispatch, by the time scientists arrived to investigate, natives had eaten the monkey.
The sneezing makes them easy for hunters to detect.
Researchers studying a rare species of Vietnamese lizard had an easier time.
After learning of the species and rushing to Ba Ria-Vung Tau province, a two-man team from La Sierra University in Riverside, Calif., found the lizards being routinely served in several restaurants’ lunch buffets.
Nicholas Hodge, 31, was arrested in Winona County, Minn., after he entered the home of an acquaintance at 2:40 a.m. and refused to leave, complaining that a person who lived there owed him something.
According to the deputy’s report, Hodge was cuffed while sitting on a toilet “in the kitchen.”
The deputy added, “I’m not sure why they had a toilet in the kitchen.”
The women’s group Femen is growing in popularity in Ukraine, according to a Reuters dispatch, helped in large part by its members’ willingness, during the group’s ubiquitous street protests, to remove their tops.
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