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It's in the eye of the beholder
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Iconic female beauty in Mauritania — and in a few other African societies, as News of the Weird has reported — regards “rolling layers of fat” as the height of sexiness, according to a dispatch by Marie Claire magazine.
Professional force-feeders earn the equivalent of about $200 each from parents for bulking up their young daughters in boot camps that sometimes serve animal fat as drinks and apply the cattle-thickening drug Oradexon.
“The stomach flab should cascade; the thighs should overlap; and the neck should have thick ripples,” said Aminetou Mint Elhacen, the feeding drill sergeant.
Some girls rebel, but others embrace their new bodies.
Said one, “When I realized the power I had over men, I started to enjoy being fat.”
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Though most victims seemed baffled or distressed by the behavior of Sherwin Shayegan, 27, another thought him “completely harmless.”
From time to time (allegedly dating to at least 2006) Shayegan befriends high-school male athletes, questions them as a reporter would, and finally, jumps on their backs and demands “piggyback” rides.
No other overtures are made, and the principal complaint about Shayegan, after the shock wears off, seems to be his obnoxiousness.
His latest arrest took place in Tualatin, Ore., near his earlier haunts in Washington state.
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