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Its more like a resort, really
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News of the Weird has mentioned various overseas prisons where crime kingpins serve time in relative comfort (through bribery or fear), but according to a New York Times dispatch, Venezuela’s San Antonio prison (which houses the country’s drug traffickers) is in a class of its own.
San Antonio’s four swimming pools frequently host inmates’ families and “guests,” who lounge with barbecue meals and liquor.
Paid “bodyguards” pass the time shucking oysters for alpha-dog-inmate Teofilo Rodriguez.
DirecTV dishes serve the cells.
Drug-smuggling via guards is so prevalent that Venezuelan locals actually visit the prison to buy the surplus (which they carry out because guards only “search” them upon entering).
Rodriguez’s enforcement is backed up by an openly displayed arsenal of guns.
Said a Russian drug trafficker-inmate, “This is the strangest place I’ve ever been.”
Maybe they don’t
deserve their guns
People who accidently shot themselves:
Sean Murphy, 38, destroyed most of his finger trying to shoot off a wart (South Yorkshire, England,).
A Secret Service agent (assigned to Nancy Reagan) shot himself in the hip holstering his gun (Ventura, Calif.,).
A 17-year-old boy, playing with a gun in bed, shot himself in the testicles (Orlando, Fla.).
A training officer at the Ohio Peace Officer Academy shot himself in the thigh.
Sheriff Lorin Nielson of Bannock County, Idaho, shot himself in the hand.
Johnathan Hartman, 27, holstering his gun in his back pocket (after threatening his girlfriend), shot himself in the butt (Billings, Mont.).
A man trying to scratch his nose with a pellet gun shot himself in the face (Amherst, Mass.).