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Just forget he did a lousy job
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An Iowa administrative law judge ruled that former police officer William Bowker of Fort Madison deserved worker’s compensation even though he had not been “laid off” but rather fired — for having an affair with the wife of the chief of police.
Although the city Civil Service Commission had denied him coverage — based in part on other derelictions, such as sleeping and drinking on duty and refusing to attend a class on search warrants — the judge ruled that Bowker’s dismissal seemed too much like improper retaliation for the affair.
In America
she’d get
$1 million
for ‘suffering’
A lawyer in Xian, China, filed a lawsuit against a movie house and film distributor for wasting her time — because she was exposed to 20 minutes of advertisements that began at the posted time for the actual movie to begin.
Ms. Chen Xiaomei is requesting a refund — equivalent of about $5.20 — plus damages of an equal amount, plus the equivalent of about 15 cents for “emotional” damages — plus an apology.
He is
so smart!
Jason Williams, 38, was convicted in Maidenhead, England, of stealing a neighbor’s window curtains, which he had immediately installed on his own windows — in plain view of the neighbor’s window.
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