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Man, that's some calamari
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After two Mexican fishermen were dragged from their boats and “chewed so badly that their bodies could not be identified by their own families,” according to a Daily Express review of a British TV documentary, warnings were issued along the Pacific coast about the northern migration of Humboldt squid.
They grow to 8 feet long, weigh up to 100 pounds, travel up to 15 mph, have eight swim/hold tentacles -- and two “attack” tentacles that are studded with 40,000 or more razor-sharp “teeth”-like nubs that help each devour almost seven tons of fish a year. Furthermore, female Humboldts are capable of laying 30 million eggs.
Even the
inhuman can
have human rights
Briton Tania Doherty believed in 2008 that she was finally rid of ex-boyfriend Kawa ali Azad, who had stalked and assaulted her — once beating her unconscious — after she ended their affair in 2006.
Azad had been arrested and ordered deported to his native Iraq, but when Iraq refused to take him, he applied to stay in Britain and, pending an immigration decision, was released by a judge sensitive to the “human rights” of someone seeking international “asylum.”
Azad immediately resumed harassing Doherty — who was chagrined to learn of the breadth of her violator’s “human rights.”
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