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Missed it by just one day
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On May 21, Jesse Robinson either established or tied the unofficial world record for unluckiest underage drinker of all time when he was booked into the Hamilton County, Ohio, jail for underage consumption.
According to booking records, Robinson’s date of birth is May 22, 1990.
Here’s why
is failing   
Common sense lost its voice on this one,” concluded a Wethersfield, Conn., city councilman, lamenting the local school board’s having spent at least $630,000 to “resolve” an ethics complaint against the board’s chairwoman — all because her son had improperly taken a $400 high school course for free.
The town’s ethics board conducted more than 60 hours of hearings over 11 months, incurring $407,000 in legal expenses, and finally voted, 3-2, to uphold the complaint.
However, the ethics board ordered only that the chairwoman reimburse the $400.
The school board then voted to pay all her legal expenses.
Bet she
was thrilled
to leave him
Brent Kendall, 31, was arrested in Coralville, Iowa, and charged with criminal mischief after he allegedly reacted to a domestic quarrel with his live-in girlfriend by cutting up items of her clothing and urinating on her bed and computer.
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