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OK, hes clean to go
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The tactic of “patience” is usually employed when police believe that a suspect has ingested drugs for smuggling.
In other words, nature will take its course, and the drugs will appear in the toilet sooner or later.
On Oct. 12, Nigerian comic actor Babatunde Omidina (known as “Baba Suwe”) was detained before a flight at the Lagos airport because authorities suspected that he had ingested drugs to smuggle to Paris.
Omadina denied the charge, but police locked him up and began monitoring his bowel movements.
On Nov. 4, Omadina was released without charges following 25 “evidence-free” movements.
no business
show business
The divorce of Anton Popazov and his wife, Nataliya, was about to go through in 2008, but the couple were still contractually committed to the Moscow State Circus, where their act included Nataliya’s shooting an apple off of Anton’s head with a crossbow.
The Times of London asked Anton during a show in Sheffield, England, whether he was afraid.
“I still trust her because Nataliya is very professional,” he said.
“The show must go on.”
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