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Plastic bag foils clever criminal
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A Phoenix convenience store robber escaped with the money, but like many others, inadvertently stuck his face directly in front of the surveillance camera.
He had entered the store with a plastic bag pulled tight over his face to distort his features and foil the camera, but halfway through the robbery, he unsurprisingly began laboring for breath and yanked off the bag, revealing his face.
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John Stolarz, 69, became the latest just-released prisoner to return immediately to his criminal calling, by attempting a holdup of a Chase Bank in New York City instead of reporting to his halfway house on the day after his release.
The robbery failed because the “bank” was actually just a Chase customer-service branch, with no money.
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Kourosh Bakhtiari, 27, went on trial in 1989 for masterminding a three-man escape from a New York City correctional center after having hoarded, then meticulously braided, more than 15 rolls of unwaxed dental floss to make a rope strong enough to support a 190-pound man going over a wall.
However, he had neglected to plan for gloves.
From gripping the floss, Bakhtiari had to be hospitalized with severed tendons and ligaments in both hands.
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