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Shes like the real thing, only not
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In September, the Treviso, Italy, adult doll maker Diego Bortolin — who specializes in lifelike, precisely detailed, fully flexible, anatomically correct models of humans — told reporters that he had completed a special order for a 50-year-old businessman whom he would not name but who paid Bortolin the equivalent of $18,000 (compared to his normal price of about $5,000) to go beyond his generic “young woman” to create a replica of the very girlfriend who had just recently dumped him.
The extra expenses were “because we had to replicate everything, right down to the shape of her nails and teeth.”
Plus, the man wanted his substitute girlfriend to have bigger breasts.
A drunk
vote is
better than
no vote
at all
At a special Friday evening session of the New Mexico House of Representatives on health insurance taxation in February, 2004, Democratic leaders needed Rep. Bengie Regensberg to cast an emergency vote and sent state police to retrieve him at the Santa Fe motel where he was headquartered during the session.
Troopers managed to bring him to the capitol, but reported having had to subdue and handcuff the naked, combative and “likely intoxicated” Regensberg.
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