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Shoot me, shoot me, shoot me, BANG!
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“Go ahead and shoot me,” said Rodney Gilbert, 57, who was embroiled in a domestic tiff with his girlfriend Kimberly Gustafson in Ocala, Fla.
According to police, Gustafson, after cocking the gun in a room with several witnesses, then turned to walk away without firing — until Gilbert trailed after her, shouting his final words several more times.
shoot me
right here
“You’re going to shoot? Right here,” said now-deceased Roberto Corona, pointing to his chest.
Corona was refusing to reveal the whereabouts of his sister to her husband, David Sanchez-Dominguez, who had asked Corona several times before pointing his handgun at him.
Just don’t let
Daisy Duck
find out
A Tulsa, Okla., physician, writing in a 1992 issue of the Irish Journal of Psychological Medicine, reported on a 32-year-old woman whose neighbors had just had a large satellite dish installed in their yard.
The woman became convinced that she was being wooed by Donald Duck and that the dish had been placed there to facilitate his communicating with her.
She spent lots of time “hovering” around the dish and eventually undressed and climbed into it, where she said later that she had consummated marriage to Mr. Duck.
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