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That is why they go in our yard
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In a journal article, University of East Anglia professor Brett Mills denounced the 2009 British TV documentary series “Nature’s Great Events” on the ground that the program’s omnipresent and intrusive video cameras violated animals’ privacy.
“The animals often do engage in forms of behavior which suggest they’d rather not encounter humans,” he wrote, “and we might want to think about equating this with a desire for privacy.”
Don’t try
to sneak
on site,
pretty boy   
British entrepreneur Howard James, who runs several online dating sites, opened another to worldwide attention (and, allegedly, thousands of sign-ups in the first five days): dates for ugly people.
James said new members (accepted from the UK, the USA, Canada, Australia and Ireland) will have their photos vetted to keep out “attractive” people.
Based on the web pages available at press time, the photo-evaluation process is working well.
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