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The emperors new scent sure stinks
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New York scent artist Christopher Brosius had made his name with fragrances recalling childhood (such as Clean Baby Butt, Green Bean and Baseball Glove), but felt it was time, according to a report in New York magazine, to approach the next frontier — to make a perfume so exclusive that no one could smell it.
By Brosius’ reasoning, the scent’s chemicals would provoke whatever reactions scents provoke in those exposed to it, but the actual scent would be undetectable to the nose.
Hence, no one would know why they were reacting as they were.
By trial and error, he combined jasmine, sandalwood and natural amber, and scaled them down in power, yielding what he calls “Where We Are There Is No Here.”
Said Brosius, “The question, ‘What perfume are you wearing?’ should never arise.”
What about the
late charges? 
Bank of America had the tables turned on it in June after the company wrongfully harassed an alleged mortgage scofflaw in Naples, Fla.
BA had attempted to foreclose on homeowners Warren and Maureen Nyerges last year even though the couple had bought their house with cash — paid directly to BA.
It took BA a year and a half to understand its mistake, that is, until the Nyergeses sued and won a judgment for expenses of $2,534, which BA promptly ignored.
The Nyergeses’ attorney obtained a seizure order, and two sheriff’s deputies, with a moving truck, arrived at the local BA branch on June 3 to load $2,534 worth of furniture and computer equipment from the bank’s offices.
After about an hour on the phone with higher-ups, the local BA manager issue a check for $2,534.
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