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'The man' keeps cramping her 'style'
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Wisconsin law permits independent candidates five-word statements to accompany their names on the ballot, to signal voters just as the words “Republican” and “Democrat” are signals, but Milwaukee Assembly candidate Ieshuh Griffin was ruled this summer to have gone too far with her statement (“NOT the ‘whiteman’s bitch’”) (her capitalization and punctuation).
Griffin said the decision baffled her since “everyone” she spoke with understood exactly what she meant.
And that’s his
best effort at
an excuse
Mark Reckless, elected to the British House of Commons only two months earlier, apologized this summer for failing to vote on a budget bill that required a late-night session to pass.
He explained that he had had a drink or two while waiting for the session to begin and barely remembered what happened — except for “someone asking me to vote.”
He was right
where he belonged
In Maine Township, Ill., Mr. Janusz Owca was arrested for choking his wife and was booked into jail and given his traditional phone call.
With police listening, Owca called his wife and threatened to kill her.
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