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This guy wasnt nice in Niceville
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At the Niceville, Fla., Christmas parade this past Christmas season, a municipal employee was arrested when he stepped up onto a city truck that was part of the parade and challenged the driver — who apparently was a colleague.
The employee accused the driver of “taking my overtime” hours for the previous two years and ordered him out of the truck so he could “whip your ass.”
The employee was charged with disorderly intoxication.
So, farm girls
are out, right?
Louis “Shovelhead” Garrett is an artist, a mannequin collector and a quilter in the eastern Missouri town of Louisiana, with a specialty in sewing quilts from women’s panties, according to a report in the Hannibal Courier-Post.
After showing his latest quilt at a women’s luncheon in Hannibal, he told the newspaper of his high standards: “No polyester. I don’t want those cheap, dollar-store, not-sexy, farm-girl panties. I want classy — silk or nylon.”
Maybe he could
collect panties
for Shovelhead   
Arifinito — he goes by one name — a member of the Indonesian parliament, resigned after a news photographer in the gallery zoomed in on the tablet computer he was watching to capture him surfing Internet pornography sites.
Arifinito’s conservative Islamic Prosperous Justice Party campaigned for a tough anti-pornography bill in 2008 (which the photographer’s video shows Arifinito likely violating).
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