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This is health system we want
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Obviously intense about potential child-trafficking, the government of Quebec, Canada, requires strict proof of a live birth, certified by a doctor or licensed midwife.
However, the waiting list to hire either one is long, and Heather Mattingsly went with an unlicensed midwife, whose word the Directeur de l’etat civil declined to accept.
Four months after the birth, the agency ordered Mattingsly to submit to a vaginal examination.
After “calls from the media” — according to a Montreal Gazette report — persuaded the agency that such an exam was useless, it finally agreed, to grant a birth certificate if Mattingsly submitted a doctor-certified copy of her pre-birth ultrasound.
You’re doing
it wrong
Jason Dean, 24, was arrested in Ringgold, Ga., and charged with false imprisonment after he waited in the parking lot of a Taco Bell, approached an 18-year-old woman and handcuffed her to himself.
After her screams brought others to come help her, Dean explained that he had been trying for several months to get the woman to go out with him but that she had so far refused.
Even crooks should
not cut in line 
The man who approached tellers at the Eastern Bank in South Boston eventually fled empty-handed, but only after one teller had refused his order for “all your money.”
She told him she was “closed.”
And another had scolded him for breaking into the front of the adjacent line and for not removing his hoodie.
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