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This isnt his line of work anyhow
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Steven Kyle took about $75,000 worth of merchandise from Cline Custom Jewelers in Edmonds, Wash., but as he left the store, employees shouted to passers-by, several of whom began to chase Kyle.
Almost immediately, Kyle dropped his gun and the jewelry and fell to the ground exhausted.
Kyle later revealed that he had only one lung.

Hey, it’s just another filthy film, not illegal
Things looked grim for Carlos Simon-Timmerman, arrested by U.S. border agents in Puerto Rico while bringing an “underage-sex” video home from a holiday in Mexico.
The star of “Little Lupe the Innocent” looked very young, and federal prosecutors called an “expert witness” pediatrician, who assured the jury, based on the girl’s underdevelopment, that she was a minor.
However, Simon-Timmerman’s lawyer had located “Lupe” via her Web site, and she cheerfully agreed to fly in from her home in Spain with her passport and other documents to prove, at a dramatic point in the trial, that she was 19 when the video was made.
Simon-Timmerman was acquitted.

It’s hard to spend that money when you’re DEAD
Police in Houston said the man killed when he drove his 18-wheeler into a freeway pillar was part of a two-man scheme to defraud an auto insurance company.
Police said it was the other man who was originally scheduled to drive but that, citing the “danger,” he (wisely) backed out.