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We need this for our Congress
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New York gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino, waging a particularly contentious battle, mailed out a flier in the past election, suggesting that Democratic state politicians are corrupt, with photos of seven of that party’s current and recent office-holders and accompanied by a special odor-triggering paper that releases a “garbage-scented” smell when exposed to air — and which supposedly grows even more foul over time. 
They ought
to put her
back under
the pole
Sherin Brown, 23, happened to be walking through a Brooklyn, N.Y., neighborhood at the exact moment that a tractor-trailer accidentally clipped a light pole, sending it crashing to the sidewalk.
First responders found Brown pinned under the pole, screaming for help, and had her taken to a hospital.
Afterward, investigators discovered a nearby surveillance camera, which revealed that Brown had stepped out of the way of the falling pole but then, with no one else around, had crawled underneath and began wailing in “pain,” perhaps in anticipation of a future lawsuit.
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