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Woman ordered to share kids with murderer
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John and Kristine Cushing married and raised two daughters, but Kristine became mentally ill, and in 1991 killed the girls as they slept.
She was hospitalized for four years and eventually monitored for 10 more.
Meanwhile, John divorced her and married Trisha, and they raised two sons, but eventually divorced and reached a shared-custody agreement.
By 2005, Kristine had been approved by California doctors to return to society, and soon she and John reconnected.
Understandably, Trisha became horrified at the prospect that Kristine might relapse, in which case her and John’s two sons would be at risk.
A judge in Seattle — where John and Kristine once again “cohabit” — influenced by Kristine’s clean record since her release, turned down Trisha’s request for sole custody.
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German Paz, 33, was sentenced in Orlando to 15 years in federal prison for sexual exploitation of a minor via the Internet.
He had begun contacting a 13-year-old girl and was using the screen name “The Delightful Deviant.”
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United Nations investigators revealed that about half of the U.S.-supplied weapons for Ugandan and Burundian troops to battle the Somalian terror group, al-Shabab, have ultimately wound up in al-Shabab’s hands.
The poorly paid Ugandan and Burundian troops apparently found arms sales more profitable than fighting terrorists.
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