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You have to let art sweep right over you
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The Wall Street Journal reported in 1996 that New York City photographer (and former Electrolux vacuum cleaner salesman) Eugene Calamari Jr. is a part-time artist who lies on the floor and lets people vacuum him with an upright cleaner, after which he asks the vacuumers to please write down their feelings. According to Calamari, “A lot of people use each other and step on each other’s rights.”
The theme he intends to convey, he said, is “I won’t let anyone do this to me.”
I triple
During an early-January freeze, an 8-year-old boy, standing across the street from Woodward, Okla. Middle School, apparently fell for the traditional dare from his brother and licked a metal pole.
He had to wait on his tiptoes for emergency responders to come unstick him.
Finch had to
ball for his
own pinch
John Finch, 44, of Wilmington, Del., became the latest alleged burglar to break in (through a window) and be unable either to climb back out or figure out the automatic locks on the doors — and thus be forced to call 911 on himself to be rescued.
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