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You need a license to wash hair
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Everyone washes hair, but those who want a license to apply shampoo in Texas need 150 hours of training, with 100 hours in “theory and practice of shampooing,” including a study of “neck anatomy.”
A Wall Street Journal report on excessiveness of state regulation highlighted California’s year-long training to be a barber, Alabama’s 750-hour schooling standard for a manicurist’s license, and Michigan’s 500 practice hours for performing massages.
By contrast, many less-tightly regulated states seem not to suffer.
Connecticut, without licensing, fielded only six complaints last year against manicurists — four of which involved disputes over gift cards.
Next up for licensing, perhaps: cat groomers in Ohio.
Oh well,
The City Commission of San Antonio, Fla. (population 1,052), passed an ordinance restricting, to a tiny portion of town, where registered sex offenders could live.
However, San Antonio has only one sex offender, and that man is exempt from the law because he already lives there.
read it
David Morice, of Iowa City, Iowa, a teacher at Kirkwood Community College, was best known for a series of “Poetry Comics” until he decided last year to write 100-page poems every day for 100 days, until he had a book totaling 10,000 pages (actually, 10,119).
For some reason, the University of Iowa Libraries has published the finished poem, online and in a 2-foot-high hardcopy stack. Strangely, in a 480-word article describing Morice’s feat, the Iowa City Press-Citizen included not even a hint about the poems’ subject matter.
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